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Water Meter

Water Meter

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January 1, 1970
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Water Meter Installation

Possessed and operated simply by Certified Plumbers, Pro Choice Plumbers specializes in the right and proper installing USA DEP-authorized water meters. Pro Choice Plumbers expertly installs, replaces and fixes drinking water meters for USA home and commercial clients.
The professional plumbers at Pro Choice Plumbers make sure your home’s water meter adheres to USA code regulations. Pro Choice Plumbers also specializes in the correction of USA DEP Inspector Caution Notices (IWNs). We are adept at resolving problems within the 45-day time grace period, to ensure that you avoid pricey upcoming fines imposed by the town.

Sub Meter Installation

Pro Choice Plumbers also provides solutions for USA residential or retail plumbing, such as for example apartment complexes, restaurants and malls, and business applications, like salons, dental practitioner offices, and various other properties.
With a precise sub meter reading, you cut costs by properly allocating sewer and water use bills to homeowners, tenants and building owners. Our professional NY plumbers are professionals in installing sub drinking water meter models, and perform meter alternative to solve violations of USA rules.

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 Pro Choice Plumbers specializes in every types of plumbing function from leaking facets to main heating devices installations.Whether its weekends or evenings, you can expect professional plumbing solutions at the same time convenient for you.